Security Token VS Equity Token Spot the Difference

In these present days, we are running for the best ROI by investing the capital and raising the funds through them. It includes peer to peers loans, selling share stock in markets.


In this present strategies, even small startups can get raise through the tokening system. Tokens are useful to earn money by bidding their project shares. It is the Major key points to raise funds by selling the project white paper in this much border market.

In this article, we going to discuss the differences between STO & ETO

Security Token Offering

STO has invented to overcome the illegal fraudulence of ICO STOs can include companies offering tokens redeemable for precious metals, tokens backed by another asset such as real estate, tokens that represent shares in a company or tokenized debt that functions in a similar manner as a corporate bond.

While holding an STO is much more constricted than an ICO, companies are increasingly drawn to this fundraising model as it provides a good legal foundation to raise funds.

Investors may also be more comfortable with the smaller degree of risk that is associated with regulation.

Equity Token Offering

Equity token is the process of investing in a token and getting a part of shares from the company. The percentage of token they invest will be equal to the value of the investing company shares. Shareholders can grab their ownership for their investment.

Investors, in return, are purchasing tokenized equity holdings, which represent a claim on the company’s assets and may come with shareholder voting rights.

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How to Launch Your Own Security Token Offering (STO) ?


” SECURITY TOKEN OFFERING – The legal way to raise funds from accredited investors for your business”

Pulsehyip is a fast-growing cryptocurrency & Blockchain Development Company, is pleased to announce the launch of its new Security Token Offering (STO) service. In this guide, pulsehyip explain about what is Security Token Offering? STO vs ICO, Future of Security Token Offering, how to launch successful Security Token Platform ( STO) ?  and more

What is STO ( Security Token Offering)?

ICO Marketing Guide

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In this guide, Pulsehyip going to show you the exact steps, and ICO Marketing strategies which we used to help our clients to reach that exposure and create a successful ICO. This guide gives you a clear roadmap as to what to do and how to do it.

The decentralized market and ICO is growing rapidly. An Initial Coin Offering(ICO) is a method by which startups raise their capital by trading their own crypto coin. Business owners and investors are interested in ICO because the returns are much higher than the initial investment. But most of the investors are afraid about fraud and illegal activities. Thus, to get the investor’s trust, ICO Business owners have to prove its genuineness. If you want to make a successful and popular ICO business, you have to do the ICO marketing.

Here is an ICO Marketing strategy that you should follow in order to make a perfect ICO Marketing.

ICODevelopment Services


In this days all are wants to raise the fund for their business. Just like every other entrepreneur, you also want to raise capital, by capitalizing on the right opportunities! Right?


The digital market is hot for ICO, so it’s the right timing and you’re on your way to make your business world a slightly better place. However, before you start an ICO business, make sure your chosen ICO development company is better or not to launch a fully compliant ICO.

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