100% Bug-Free ICO script to launch your own ICO Website in Minutes


We aim for perfection and get depressed when we don’t get something right from the scratch. Of course, we simply need to change our overall attitude, aiming for excellence rather than fulfillment. This goes for your ICO business as well. You are possibly asking yourself: Why does software have bugs? Is it possible to develop a  bug-free ICO script software? The answers are within this article.

Let’s we start our discussion about what is the software bug and how to build a 100% bug-free ICO website? 

Definition of Software Bug 

A bug is an error, flaw, failure, or fault in a computer network program or software system that basis the application to outcome an incorrect or unexpected result and behave in an unplanned way.

Bug Classification:

* Critical.- A core process of the system fails or the system doesn’t work at overall.
* Major- The defect impacts basic performance and the system is unable to function accurately.
* Moderate- The defect causes the system to generate false, erratic, or insufficient results.
* Minor- The defect impacts the business but only in some cases.
Cosmetic. The defect is only related to the interface and presence of the application.

How should you approach ICO software development?

When you start doing something, you first prepare and build a plan. You should take the same approach to develop the ICO website. To avoid these critical issues that may arise and keep your irritation steady, here’s how you should approach your ICO development project.

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