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In this digital market, most of the business owners are start their various kind of cryptocurrency businesses and most of them have already achieved tremendous success while some are still struggling to grow and rest failed. Today cryptocurrency investment business has the higher concentration than other businesses.

Pulsehyip provides best investment MLM plan software to start your cryptocurrency investment business simply and it helps to reach your cryptocurrency investment business globally. It is one of the oldest ideas for the MLM trade however still we’ve demanded our MLM software product. we’ve numeric practicality for our whole script contains binary and referral thought.

Investment MLM software has 3 levels of login like capitalist, super and sub-admin. This Investment MLM Software is largely for daily bitcoin investors and downlinks chain presentation are very in step with the payment and package. In this wonderful plan, a member gets an opportunity to earn commission periodically.

Pulsehyip has the team of professionals have developed the multi-level marketing software after doing a lot of in-depth research. There long struggle for developing this innovative product has finally reaped many benefits

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Build Your New HYIP Investment Business with Advanced Blockchain Technology



If you are looking for skilled and experienced HYIP Script Software developers, Pulsehyip is the fast-growing HYIP Script development company, helping investment businesses to build and implement advanced blockchain business solutions.

We offer the quality and reliability of Software/ Php Scripts with affordable prices, Our specialization is developing PHP scripts for Multi-Level Marketing/MLM, Blockchain ,ICO ,Cryptocurrency Trading & Exchange, Mining, Lending, Bitcoin Banking, Centralized & Decentralized Exchange and other kinds of internet marketing businesses.

Our HYIP Script Software is the best solution for small/ medium/ big companies to run profitable online Investment businesses with the lower cost!

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Bitcoin Investment Script and PHP HYIP Script

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Pulsehyip is the best bitcoin investment script, PHP HYIP script provider in India. It offers highly secured and reliable bitcoin investment script to build your own Cryptocurrency investment platform with HYIP and MLM concept.

HYIP business model has higher concentration among the globe. Because it helps to double or triple your investment and make high ROI in a short period of time. So most of the bitcoin users are very curious to invest their cryptocurrency in reliable cryptocurrency investment platform. With the help of Pulsehyip bitcoin investment script, you can get ready-made or custom-made bitcoin investment platform.

By starting a cryptocurrency investment business with MLM concept, you can simply get numerous bitcoin investors and referrals through your high secured referral system.

Our PHP bitcoin HYIP script supports hourly, daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, yearly investment plans along with HYIP calculator

The software supports Registration Bonus, First Deposit Bonus, Deposit Bonus, Penalty, Referral Commission, Level Commission ( FORCED MATRIX ó M x N ), Reinvest, Auto-Reinvest, Auto Withdraw, Manual Withdraw, Minimum-Maximum Withdraw Limit and Mass Mailings.

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Cryptocurrency Investment Business: What Can Business Peoples Expect

Cryptocurrency Business Solutions!

Today, a most of businesse peoples are starting in cryptocurrency investment to satisfy the increasing demand of cryptocurrency platform. Many investment platforms are released on the market on a daily basis, but unfortunately, not all are able to make their mark; some even face fail to attract a single user.

So, what is the success of a cryptocurrency investment? Well, there are certain requirements that an investment needs to fulfill to be successful. Security is one of the biggest challenges for cryptocurrency investment platforms. So, let’s have a look at the best features that provide full security for cryptocurrency investment networks:

Escrow Application

For your cryptocurrency investment business model, escrow service really needs to be implemented well. Business peoples can easily protect their cryptocurrency investment website with the escrow app.

Secure Wallet Integration

When you log in to your cryptocurrency business account successfully, the other problem which arises is storing your bitcoin securely. In order to access your wallet, you need to have two keys which are private key and public key. Private Key refers to an individual password or PIN number to access your crypto wallet. The public key is the Bitcoin address of whom you have to send money.

Multilevel Authentication

Multi-level authentication offers high-level security to the admin for login, withdrawal and profit updates. Your account is super secured with Google Authentication, additional process of OTP and email.

If you are interested to implement the helpful add-ons in cryptocurrency investment business then it is the best time to get started. Find the most reliable cryptocurrency investment script provider that brings for the best cryptocurrency investment solutions for aspiring entrepreneurs, startups and established businesses.

Ready to starting a cryptocurrency Investment Website?

Pulsehyip supports all cryptocurrency business model and provides high-end features and ingenious solutions for Bitcoin business! We highly recommend this cryptocurrency investment script for start-ups & business entrepreneurs who are interested to start their business with our cryptocurrency investment script  with multiple business add-ons.

Our crytpocurrency investment script software  is user-friendly so you need not need much programming knowledge to run your business with it.

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Looking for the RIGHT CONCERN To Start a HYIP Business?

Looking for the RIGHT CONCERN

Pulse HYIP supports all cryptocurrency business model and provides high-end features and ingenious solutions for HYIP business!

Pulsehyip is a package for online investment sites. Pulse HYIP script helps you to create and manage your own HYIP with ease. Automatic withdrawal, set unlimited multiple investment plans and instant payment included. The compression of price, features, performance and security are the best on the current business market.

  • Pulsehyip provides a pre-built Templates
  • Easy installation script & Upload and install with ease.
  • Flexible template system allows you to easily change the design.
  • Unlimited investment plans.
  • Unlimited payouts plans (daily / weekly / bi-weekly / monthly / yearly / after the specified period).
  • Automatic withdrawal.
  • Instant payment
  • Mass payment
  • Unlimited referral plans.
  • Multi-level referral program
  • Allows investors to estimate theirs’ earnings on the fly.
  • Investors can transfer funds to other investors’ accounts inside the platform.

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Launch Your Startup and Making Money with Best HYIP Manager Script

HYIP Business (1)


In a recent online business survey over 80% of entrepreneurs convey that they like to start a HYIP business. Moreover they prefer that HYIP manager script should knockout all the hacking and attacking activities.

For creating a HYIP business website, trending features must be interesting and important for your investors. The first preference should be security based concept namely as high yields activities. Secure functions are only the top feature to make your HYIP business website as Secure and real-time monitor flow this process make your website more secure & flexible.

With today’s best HYIP business platforms are profitable and integrate it into their investment platform activities with high priority for doing investment business more successfully.

If you’re searching for such a perfect script for your HYIP business, then PulseHYIP – HYIP MANAGER SCRIPT would be the best choice. They provide high-end features for business people particularly for HYIP business.Finally starting a HYIP website using HYIP manager Script from PULSEHYIP is the best option.

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HYIP Manager Script for your Cryptocurrency Investment Business.

Cryptocurrency Investment Business Script

Do you want to run your Cryptocurrency Investment business very profitably? If yes, then have a look at PULSE HYIP script. This HYIP manager script enables you to launch your online business instantly within simple steps. The HYIP manager script contains every necessary & trending feature and it is also easy to install. You don’t have to do any programming knowledge while scripting installation.

Our high-end multi level featured HYIP script comes with powerful managing tools through which you can manage the HYIP business website easily anytime and anywhere.Delightful, flexible HYIP templates attract a huge of users on the website. our trending features increase your website visibility on all search engines. Unlimited multiple investment plans make your website more responsive and influential than others.

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Bitcoin Hyip Business Is The New Voice For Cryptocurrency Business World – PulseHYIP

Bitcoin Hyip Business

Bitcoin Hyip business is the new business model in cryptocurrency business world. It’s based on the undeniable fact that we do things very differently today. Bitcoin Hyip script is used by many entrepreneurs whoever interested in investment business to make the money through cryptocurrency business.

Once you enter into bitcoin HYIP business world you should have knowledge, experience, and attention of all small details of all factors.

Choosing the best bitcoin hyip script is the best way to decrease the ventures and hazards of losing money. If you wanna to launch your investment business with bitcoin hyip program, you can earn money within few months by your bitcoin HYIP business website.

You have to Plan your future cryptocurrency investment business when you search some best hyip script if it is worthier than your investment business makes the quick action to join into each and every plan and a package of the offer using in the script.

You can increase the chances of gaining the investment profits by choosing the best hyip script program. After joining the hyip manager script and investing with the small budget, you will gradually gain a lot of experience and step by step become closer to the point, you would be a professional person having a lot of information when it comes to joining the best hyip script and this can be great.

Dreaming of a bitcoin hyip business is absolutely easy, but when it comes to the real framework for investment business operations, its really hard challenge for startups.

Because of the innovative and most advanced technology on latest secured PHP frameworks and blockchain technology etc. utilizing for developing an investment website which is developed by Pulsehyip.

Pulsehyip Provides beneficial business features & special business Add-ons To Start bitcoin HYIP business Website.

For these beneficial features & Add-ons, startups fall on Pulsehyip and they help to build bitcoin HYIP website.

Pulsehyip may bring startups into the fully challenge beginning and in spirit outline with the help of cryptocurrency investment software. This software will satisfy the customer invest with the above features and bring success to the investment business.

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If you have any queries or support to start your own bitcoin HYIP website, inquire Pulsehyip at any time.

How To Setup Your ICO Add-On In Your Cryptocurrency Investment Website?


In this article, I am going to share some interesting news about how to setup your ICO add-on in your own cryptocurrency investment website.

Up-to-date, large community of entrepreneur start the cryptocurrency investment business to earn more profits and it is the smartest way also. And then they go for advanced & secured features to build the cryptocurrency investment business, that is integrating an ICO add-on with cryptocurrency investment website for investment business process.

Plan for integrating an ICO add-on with cryptocurrency investment website:

ICO offering is most populated with users, and investment businesses are raised with business entrepreneur, Relating the different business entrepreneur at one place can make a lot of profit for cryptocurrency investment business. This type of business models are very precious and it will become the top-notch within the short period.

Advantages of integrating an ICO add-on in cryptocurrency investment website:

  • Anyone can set up an ICO solution with cryptocurrency investment website, as a customized process can be complete through multilevel platforms.

  • You can get immediate feedback from your invest places as to whether your business idea has support.

  • ICOs can be marketed to broad, targeted investors with little effort.

For the above benefits, the business entrepreneurs are starting to set up a cryptocurrency investment website with ICO.

Where to get ICO add-on for investment business platform?

An initial coin offering (ICO) is a means of crowdfunding centered around cryptocurrency space. In order to build a business, we can support the business people to perform their own ICO in their investment platform. if you have an idea to integrate an ICO add-on in your cryptocurrency investment website, then PULSEHYIP can help the business entrepreneur to build their own cryptocurrency investment platform with ICO add-on and you can earn the more profit from your cryptocurrency investment business.

PULSEHYIP for Cryptocurrency Investment Business With Special Business Add-Ons :

Not only ICO add-on, you can get other best business solutions from PULSEHYIP like,

1. Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange & Trading Add-on

2. Cryptocurrency Lending Add-on

3. Digital Token Investment Add-on

4. Cryptocurrency Banking Solution

5. Blockchain Application

We provide the complete solutions for cryptocurrency investment website with special business add-ons to move your investment business forward.

If you still need any clarifications, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you.

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Are You exciting to start bitcoin doubler website with smart feature packed?


In 2018, too many business entrepreneurs choose an investment business with narrow involvement to make a lot of profits. So, they may took wrong guidance from a technical partner.

Are you interested to build a high-end technology bitcoin doubler platform?

If yes, I support you to find the profitable bitcoin doubler script to build a secured investment website. At the beginning, choose the right bitcoin doubler script and its advance level features to the investment script.

Some of the important features are:

QR Code,Manual/Instant Payout,Manual Fake Transaction Entry,Referral Commission,Promotional Tools,Responsive Layout,Faster and Smart Search,Helpful Customer Support,Built in CMS,Tracking,Custom Admin panel,Detailed Statistics,One Click Installation,Export Transaction Report, Cashout limits & management,escrow application, MLM integration.

These are the important features of bitcoin doubler software,

Check these features when selecting bitcoin doubler script to help you to choose the right portal for your investment business. Using this bitcoin doubler script you will surely get double benefits from your bitcoin investment business.

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