100% Bug-Free ICO script to launch your own ICO Website in Minutes


We aim for perfection and get depressed when we don’t get something right from the scratch. Of course, we simply need to change our overall attitude, aiming for excellence rather than fulfillment. This goes for your ICO business as well. You are possibly asking yourself: Why does software have bugs? Is it possible to develop a  bug-free ICO script software? The answers are within this article.

Let’s we start our discussion about what is the software bug and how to build a 100% bug-free ICO website? 

Definition of Software Bug 

A bug is an error, flaw, failure, or fault in a computer network program or software system that basis the application to outcome an incorrect or unexpected result and behave in an unplanned way.

Bug Classification:

* Critical.- A core process of the system fails or the system doesn’t work at overall.
* Major- The defect impacts basic performance and the system is unable to function accurately.
* Moderate- The defect causes the system to generate false, erratic, or insufficient results.
* Minor- The defect impacts the business but only in some cases.
Cosmetic. The defect is only related to the interface and presence of the application.

How should you approach ICO software development?

When you start doing something, you first prepare and build a plan. You should take the same approach to develop the ICO website. To avoid these critical issues that may arise and keep your irritation steady, here’s how you should approach your ICO development project.

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How to Launch Your Own Security Token Offering (STO) ?


” SECURITY TOKEN OFFERING – The legal way to raise funds from accredited investors for your business”

Pulsehyip is a fast-growing cryptocurrency & Blockchain Development Company, is pleased to announce the launch of its new Security Token Offering (STO) service. In this guide, pulsehyip explain about what is Security Token Offering? STO vs ICO, Future of Security Token Offering, how to launch successful Security Token Platform ( STO) ?  and more

What is STO ( Security Token Offering)?

ICO Marketing Guide

Hire Dedicated Offshore developers for (4).png

In this guide, Pulsehyip going to show you the exact steps, and ICO Marketing strategies which we used to help our clients to reach that exposure and create a successful ICO. This guide gives you a clear roadmap as to what to do and how to do it.

The decentralized market and ICO is growing rapidly. An Initial Coin Offering(ICO) is a method by which startups raise their capital by trading their own crypto coin. Business owners and investors are interested in ICO because the returns are much higher than the initial investment. But most of the investors are afraid about fraud and illegal activities. Thus, to get the investor’s trust, ICO Business owners have to prove its genuineness. If you want to make a successful and popular ICO business, you have to do the ICO marketing.

Here is an ICO Marketing strategy that you should follow in order to make a perfect ICO Marketing.

ICODevelopment Services


In this days all are wants to raise the fund for their business. Just like every other entrepreneur, you also want to raise capital, by capitalizing on the right opportunities! Right?


The digital market is hot for ICO, so it’s the right timing and you’re on your way to make your business world a slightly better place. However, before you start an ICO business, make sure your chosen ICO development company is better or not to launch a fully compliant ICO.

If you are planning to start your own ICO business website, then we would first recommend you to get in touch with Pulsehyip ICO software development company.

Pulsehyip – The Real facilitator for your ICO business

Pulsehyip is the next generation of “Blockchain growth promoter” and “Business facilitator” for companies looking to raise capital through an ICO.

From the launch of your ICO campaign to the distribution of tokens, Pulsehyip makes every step of your ICO easy and intuitive.

Our 3 Steps to launch a Complete ICO business

Get ready to move your ICO business to the next level using ICO script software

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There are tons of people are starting the online business to make money. Starting a trusted and secured online business or company can be a very complicated thing. There are many factors and elements that you would need to consider to run your business successfully

Recently, ICO business model reaches a massive hit in cryptocurrency world. Today every entrepreneur have the interest to build an ICO business website. Because the ICO concept is an exciting option for business owners to raise their business capital.

But they don’t know how to start the Secured and successful ICO business. Next thing, which is the best place to develop the ICO website?

Pulsehyip is one of the leading ICO script/software development company covers all your business needs. From ideation to validation, development to testing, launch to growth hacking, Pulsehyip got you covered everywhere.

What we cover in ICO website development?

1. Lightpaper
2. Whitepaper
3. Presentation
4. Landing Page
5. ICO Fundraising Dashboard
6. Marketing Plan
7. Press Release Kit
8. Coin or Token creation
9. Coin Drop
10. Bounty Management
11. Listing Services
12. Coin Price Pump

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Searching For The Right Development Services for an ICO Launch?


Ready-made ICO script software to launch your initial coin offering website instantly. We provide complete ICO solution that will provide dynamic crowd sale processing, high availability and complete robustness for the startups that are offering demand based high-quality services in the continuously changing ICO marketplace.

Why use Pulsehyip ICO platform:

  • Flexible API interface
  • Fiat Payment Gateways
  • Automated KYC/AML checks
  • Total security and control
  • Marketing data collection
  • And More

If you searching for the right development services for an ICO launch then this is the right place to build your ICO website more effectively.

Pulsehyip – Best ICO Script Development Company & we provide the complete ICO business requirements like token creation, smart contracts, ICO landing page design, ICO token sales platform and everything end-to-end for ICO business success.

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Blockchain and Crypto Token Development Company


If you’re a Business man, you must know the power of “Blockchain & ICO” in this digital business industry. Although this is a latest secure & strong business model, many business peoples are yet to discover what it really means after it’s updates. Blockchain & ICO’s are a crucial part of online business and strongly impact your business.

As the whole business industrial world is running faster towards decentralization, having an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) will be of highly beneficial. Since Blockchain & ICO is still an emerging term which needs to be given huge focus on its development and marketing activities.

Pulsehyip is the Best Blockchain ICO development company in India, who provides you the best ever services for blockchain startups.We Are Blockchain Industry Experts With Over 9 Years Of Experience. We Make your business Stand Out On The Online Market.

Are you looking for Blockchain & ICO Business Solutions?

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Bitcoin Investment Script and PHP HYIP Script

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Pulsehyip is the best bitcoin investment script, PHP HYIP script provider in India. It offers highly secured and reliable bitcoin investment script to build your own Cryptocurrency investment platform with HYIP and MLM concept.

HYIP business model has higher concentration among the globe. Because it helps to double or triple your investment and make high ROI in a short period of time. So most of the bitcoin users are very curious to invest their cryptocurrency in reliable cryptocurrency investment platform. With the help of Pulsehyip bitcoin investment script, you can get ready-made or custom-made bitcoin investment platform.

By starting a cryptocurrency investment business with MLM concept, you can simply get numerous bitcoin investors and referrals through your high secured referral system.

Our PHP bitcoin HYIP script supports hourly, daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, yearly investment plans along with HYIP calculator

The software supports Registration Bonus, First Deposit Bonus, Deposit Bonus, Penalty, Referral Commission, Level Commission ( FORCED MATRIX ó M x N ), Reinvest, Auto-Reinvest, Auto Withdraw, Manual Withdraw, Minimum-Maximum Withdraw Limit and Mass Mailings.

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Best ICO Script Software For Startups

Entrepreneurs often want to launch their own ICO startup, but do not know how to start. Which authority to choose? How to write the whitepaper?


Pulsehyip is the world’s most ICO software development company provides end to end ICO solutions.Our high-end and fully responsive ICO business website designs that give you a beautiful interface and it supports all kind of devices. Our experienced blockchain ICO Developers can help you to build a tradable digital token that can be used as a currency, a representation of an asset using Ethereum smart contracts.

Our Business Addons

White paper drafting

Highly Promotional and easily adaptable white paper.

ICO lending program integration

Integration of whole and unlimited lending program in ICO platform

ICO Endless program integration

Integrating ICO endless program to gain continual popularity and efficient marketing around crypto space.

Token exchange integration

Preparing ICO platform to token exchange platform with high security through token exchange sector to keep your investors to trade.

Our blockchain ICO developers create suitable landing pages to validate your business ideas and its value, launch beta tests and launch ICO website quickly by overnight at the day of order booked.

If you have an idea to start your own ICO website then We make it happen in short period.

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Looking for the Best ICO Development Services and reliable ICO Script Software Solution?

Best-ICO-Script -Development-Company

Pulsehyip is the world’s most leading ICO software Development Company. Whether you strive for ICO with MLM software that is provided for your multi-level marketing business, integrated latest technology to offer the next level step to your business or multimedia marketing. We are here with End-End solutions and we are also providing various business plans and ICO software that works with the high-end benefit for your business.

First of all, We will explain in What is initial coin offering & it’s benefits and then how we are unique from other ICO development companies.

What is Initial Coin Offering or ICO exactly?

Initial Coin Offering is one kind of crowdfunding camping or an IPO but with various range moderate changes. Here, the traditional investment style gets changed into newly formed methods that can impact by means of return ICO coin or tokens. In simple words, the investor could make the investment by means of fiat currency and get back digital coins in return back. This way the complete fundraising shortage can be solved. It’s a real and the best business opportunity Read more…

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